Our Co-Production Partnerships Include:

Audience Research

We help you understand your audience to a degree you never have before. After conducting in-depth surveys, interviewing members of your audience, and niche research, we will present you with a detailed plan of what type of challenge to create and how it will set itself apart.

Course, Program and Challenge Design

We work with you to design an immersive and engaging challenge that fully captivates your audience, promotes camaraderie among participants and encourages personal growth. Our team of experts will provide insights on how to structure the challenge and offer guidance on how to create a seamless experience for your participants.

Production and Execution

Your challenge will be professionally executed, ensuring a smooth and successful experience for participants. We’ll handle all the logistics, including venue selection, challenge rules, and communication with participants, leaving you free to focus on delivering a great experience.

Technical Development

Every aspect of your online challenge will be designed beautifully and on-brand. It will be built with the most advanced yet simple-to-use technical solutions, on a website that you own, ensuring a seamless experience for participants.

Marketing and Promotion

Using the most sophisticated direct response, paid advertising and email marketing campaigns, we will make your challenge the industry-leading product. We’ll handle customer support, split-test your funnels, manage re-launches, and forge relationships with promotional partners to ensure maximum participation and engagement.”